What are you wearing today?


Pictures optional. (I might post some when I’m on my lunch break.)

Currently rocking a navy blue velvet dress, cream tights, cream collar necklace with diamante studs and fake pearls, black leather shoes (not very sexy but they’re comfortable for heels), white cardigan with a lace back, hairslides with diamante studs and fake pearls on. Very pleased with the look.


Same as every day; Jeans, t-shirt & converse.


Just realised I’m wearing the same jumper as in the Friday selfie thread last week :confused:

I’m wearing my Monday shirt (blue gingham checked, slim fit from H&M); standard issue charcoal trousers, turquoise socks and black shoes.


Same as every workday:

M&S black suit trousers
M&S shirt (today it is a blue striped one)
M&S black socks
M&S pants
Camper shoes

I like to minimise the number of decisions and shopping trips I have to make.


Black jumper, black jeans, socks (also black)


Pretty standard garb


Levi’s 510s
Grey marl crew neck t-shirt
black cotton socks
white Calvin Klein boxers

earlier I was also wearing a burgundy v-neck merino wool jumper & a pair of Timberlands

also, it’s 2 degrees C today so I was obviously wearing a coat (this one), gloves & hat as well

fascinating stuff


I’m wearing my favourite pair of Element jeans which have a small hole in the crotch, which I need to fix.
Top man maroon t shirt with yellow trim
Checked red and blue H&M shirt.
Etnies shoes which I am not mad about but they were cheap.


Grey Nike SB trainers
Indigo Levi commuter jeans. Can’t remember specifics, got them from the states
black tshirt- sainos?
blue wool roundneck jumper - sainos again I think

Blue top and bottom isn’t ideal but cba at 6am to give it much thought


Awful picture but plain black dress, leggings, beige cardigan, great big woolly grey socks and fake ugg boots and a scarf/woolly hat and coat (all black). Feeling v cosy


Tie-dye Sonic Youth ‘Goo’ t-shirt.
Black Wrangler jeans.
Black socks.
Grey Puma Suedes.
Grey boxers.

I’d get a photo but the work WiFi is shocking.


Currently in stripy t-shirt and black jeans but need to get dressed for a friend’s wedding in a minute so I’ll be having a wear of my suit


jeans (dark blue)
jumper (mostly orange, various other colours. seems appropriately autumny)
t-shirt (dark green but you can’t see it)
socks (green)

way too colourful today


got the official beardbro uniform on, black jeans, band shirt and cardigan




I’m standing in front of a holly bush


you have nice skin man. silk like




Who needs faceswap software?


just some clothes, nothing special