What are your currently craving?


My teeth feel weird so I’d quite like a toothbrush and some toothpaste. I’ve had more decadent cravings, tbf.


Craving a bike ride, but I’m not good at cycling so this will consist of wobbly cycling around the serpentine




Cinema popcorn


Oh this is weird. My teeth feel odd today too. It’s like, I’m painfully aware that they’re there.

But I’m craving a long walk and an even longer bath.



plan on satisfying both of these soon


A haircut and a beer. Should achieve both this evening.


Pickled onions. (I’m not pregnant.)


Same place?


a massive poo

edit : gonna wait half an hour and REALLY enjoy it







I’m not some kind of Toni & Guy Becks Vier drinking arsehole eps.


Thought maybe you went to a Turkish barber. Didn’t realise you were so rabidly Brexit.


I do go to a Turkish barber but alas no beers.


Nostril waxing though?



Fuck being vegetarian. Although the pub I have gammon at has stopped selling gammon.

I feel like bits of me are being chipped away daily.


This day is really dragging and I’ve eaten all my food and I’m still hungry!



oh, and attention over here


He can’t help himself.