What are your favorite Oldies?


Some/most of the 80s tunes are great too


I dislike the term “Oldies”, because honestly anything recorded before you were born is old, for you. However the consensus here seems to be that it denotes 1960’s or earlier, so…

My first love was folk-rock, and particularly this guy, who had one massive hit and never charted anywhere else with any other song - goodness knows why…


The frogman :heart_eyes:
"I sing like a girl. And I sing like a frog"
sings like a girl
sings like a frog

Simpler times


Super duper thread. Need to Spotify playlist it


Just popping in to make sure I don’t have to kill myself because you’re all discussing Blur and Oasis or something :wink:


I would do it, but my spotify account is my real name. Ain’t nobody wanna see that. :nerd_face:



Great thread - here are some of mine:



the GOAT

and of course…






I got a 3CD called “The First Rock n Roll Record” or words to that effect. Some of the first one was hit and miss, but there is some amazing stuff on there. You can really see the development of rock music from as far back as the 20s and 30s. The originals of Shake Rattle & Roll, stuff like Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston - amazing stuff.




Band member Jackie Brenston being on the credit because it was actually Ike Turner but he was contracted to a different record label.