What are your favourite adverts at the moment


At the moment it’s this, genuinely brightens my life at the moment:


Also I like the one with a child literally singing they need to be shown the way and the advert encourages parents to teach them to cook with Uncle Ben’s microwaveable rice. Good angle, but doesn’t beat the composition and accent of the above.


EconomEYES without compromise


There’s this one in Spain where an elderly man wakes up from his nap but is then confronted with loads of new technology. Spends a while going nuts about town on a Segway, but returns to his family to eat a pizza.

It’s a pizza advert


Fuck off mate


do you not like that advert


that lucozade tomb raider one where it literally just lists stuff that happens in the film. explosions! jumps! a woman! spiders!

it’s the shittest thing i’ve ever seen


HAvent seen it.


There’s also an ad thats almost exactly like the Mitchell and Webb sketch on Sky sports(Man walking through various stadiums describing the football), and the catchphrase is TODO FÚTBOL.


He’s very scottish and you get to see him using two different machines very calmly


It also tickles me that someone who’s online gambling at what I can only assume is in their pants, alone at 3am wishes to do so with an interface that has an Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (the tv show) theme


incidentally being used on an advert to advertise something else, and even more so the thing it’s advertising has a special game themed to look and sound like the game in their show that is about adverts


Hmm it does sound ok actually but I’m not going to watch it. Who’d just sit down and decide to watch an advert?




Not Nobby’s…Noddy’s!!!




Got it wrong


this hasn’t aged well


I once recorded an advert on VHS as a kid as I found it very funny.


Thank you for your honesty at this late hour of the evening.