What are your foibles

foible chat only, please


Sorry Joke. I have no foibles. Only flaws.

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is this your foible or someone elses? because I’ll only accept the former in this thread

TV/music/whatever volume on a even number, 0 or 5.
Matching socks, always.
When I’m serving dinner, I always have to have mind and Mrs F’s plates the right way round on the side (hers left, mine right) otherwise there’d be chaos.
There’s almost definitely more.

Here’s the full story Joke. I saw the thread title and thought “isn’t foibles a funny word?”. I think google image searched “weird furby” and used an online word art generator to put the word FOIBLES on the image.

I won’t lie, I was quite happy with myself with this one, and did an internal, silent chuckle at the idea of this being a toy available in shops.

So I didn’t make the ingredients, but I made the meal, which makes me a chef.