What are your hands like?

mine are ok. got quite long, slim fingers, decent nails. no callouses, as I’ve never done a days hard work in my life. quite dry though…and a little wrinkly. relatively hairless. one scar on underside of left hand.


Bigger than you’d imagine given my height.

Not hairy, long fingers but wouldn’t say they were spindly or anything, couple of birth-marks on the palm of my left hand, no scars, did a bit of labouring back in the day so a little rough but years of office work has rendered them fairly soft now. Any questions?

Hands? Hands?!

Round here we call them “Wanking Spanners”.

“Hands”, I ask yer!


Possibly my best feature. Pianist’s hands - lovely strong, long, well shaped fingers. Regularly impress people with their size. Keep good care of my nails. Couple of small burns/scars etc adds to the overall character. One particular scar from a dog bite as a child especially.

Only issue is occasional dyshidrosis when stressed. (Don’t look it up).


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Two whole octaves, mate.

Dangerous weapons.

My fingers are outstandingly strong and slightly weirdly shaped from all that climbing. Realised the other day that the lunula has gone from all my fingers over the past few years (used to be very clearly marked) - think I’ve kinda mashed it out… They have also changed shape and become ‘chunkier’ and more sausage-like.
Skin is consequently tough as old boots although I regularly file down the worst callouses so they don’t tear on sharp holds.

fairly small, short fat fingers. one notable scar (back of right hand, a lighter burn from when I was a silly child), left pinky oddly shaped after getting repeatedly broken and taped to the next finger as a splint

I’ve got pretty small hands, thanks

long, fingers like tendrils.

quite like my hands - quite slender i suppose, developing some calluses from climbing / pull ups, palms are getting a bit rough,two of my nails are totally mashed from an accident when i was younger (managed to land my knee onto my fingers wich completly destroyed the nails and ripped back teh skin loads so that when they regrew the nail starts nearer to my wrist than it should do, also now has a kind of double nail think where a bit bit of nail grows over my nails instaed of fusing with the nail, which i then have to rip off as it gets too long) , also have a very hard bit of skin on one of my index fingers were a had some weird growth that i ripped off and the skin grew back really hard, i kindof have got into the habit of rubbing this a fair bit so it never softens up. my scar from when i chopped off a bit of my thumb seems to have disappeared.

at the moment i also have a couple of scabs on my knuckles from climbing

not as nice as my feet which is a shame because I don’t get to show them off as much

You climb? :wink:

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mine are beautiful, almost too perfect.

but righty has a black mark on the palm from when I got a bit of pencil lead stuck in there when I was 8.

Fucking climbers. ALWAYS banging on about it.

Give it a rest lads.

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How’s not being on Facebook treating you these days? :wink:

He’s not on Facebook? At all?

Hasn’t even got an account!

He kept that to himself

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