What are your kitchen cupboard essentials?

Mixed herbs
Smoked paprika
Whatever fresh herbs I can find that I either use straight up or bung in the freezer within a day
Loadsa tinsa beans (various types but I always want some black beans in there) and tomatoes/passata
Root veg is always helpful for soup purposes along with onions

Tomato puree
Veggie stock cubes
Soy sauce

Every possible type of stock cube
Soy sauce
Tomato toothpaste
Garlic Toothpaste
Chopped tomato (canned)
BBQ sauce of some variety
Some kind of chilli jam
These very specific “Japanese style” coated nuts you get here
Also a big fan of the multi-salt approach with this same combination:

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Light soy sauce
Sesame seeds
Pomegranate molasses
Chili flakes
Green tabasco


Love this but only really have a couple of Ottolenghi recipes that use it and they’re not really faves to make. Do you have some good staples for it?

Oh and ground and powder black pepper! Have cut out salt in all my cooking. I’m not a very good cook but imo it still tastes good with things like lemon or pepper or soy sauce or hot sauce

Oh i forgot sumac too! Zatar is really nice hummus or bread!

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I used to make these on the regular and loved them - ridiculously quick and easy and a decent success rate:

The book it’s from (Sirocco) is generally a great recipe book to have on hand as well.


Came to say Lazy Garlic, and Funky’s nailed it in the second sentence. What a dude.

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lea and perrins
chilli oil
soy sauce
garlic paste
tomato paste
hot sauce

The ones that spring to mind are:

Kashmiri chilli powder
Ras al Hanout

Always good to have Thai basics like Thai basil, lime leaves, fish sauce, galangal etc.


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