What are your neighbours upto?

  • Next door are packing a car so their son can move in with his gf, they’re not happy about it because she’s apparently ‘a piece of work’
  • Next door but one have just sold their house in 2 days, for 7k over asking. (She’s left him and is keeping the kids)
  • lads opposite are drinking and toasting Liverpool in the garden
  • lady opposite but one is at the bedroom window playing glockenspiel, she seems to be having a very nice time

Got woken up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT last night by next door’s doorbell going off RELENTLESSLY. Was eventually answered, and I heard someone GOING IN, but then fell asleep again, so don’t know ANYTHING ELSE about it.

Danger house over the road are still using their living room window as the front door


Dunno but they’ve got CCTV outside the front as well as the back, now. He sends me videos/stills from it, every so often - he’s labelled them “CUNTCATCHER1 and CUNTCATCHER2”


Hedgehog enthusiast, is he


His van isn’t there, so my neighbour must be out delivering veg

House to the left: kids playing in the paddling pool in the front garden, lucky little bastards.

House to the right: WFHing and generally minding their own business.

House behind: were having a really loud barbecue last night that involved a lot of loud singing along to songs that were on the radio about twenty years ago. Felt like they were in it for the long haul but it stopped dead bang on 10. Bit surreal.

I can smell incense coming across from our student neighbours. They haven’t had that all year, so I’m guessing someone new has moved in over the summer. It’s not something I’d choose to smell now, but it’s reminding me of my hippy mates from my student days.

I’m not a peeping tom

The house four doors down just put their old bbq outside with a sign saying ‘free, please take’

I now have a bbq! It’s rusty af on the outside but fine on the inside, happy days, gonna clean it up and have some chicken for dinner


Probably pissed on it

Extra flavouring

this has really made me smile :slight_smile:

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Next door and upstairs - parenting noisy kids. Angry man upstairs who normally screams at his kids all the time has been very quiet since lockdown, I’m hoping the man I can hear up there is a different man and he’s been replaced.
Other next door - occasionally plays dance music at an audible volume. Had a 2am screaming fit in the corridor at some cops who were called for a welfare check a few weeks ago.

they’re smoking industrial quantities of weed, and are using the incense because they’re stoned and enjoy it, or are trying to mask the smell of weed. my guess would be both.

Next door are dicks. The chap spent all of last week removing the front door and then sanding it very noisily(and ineffectively) with an electric sander for HOURS before putting it back up and night and then starting again the next day.

This week he’s doing exactly the same but with the back door.

Mrs Next Door is hosting 50billion people in her tiny backgarden and has been doing so since lockdown begun.

These are the people who leave their kids’ nappies on their doorstep (opposite our house) rather than put shoes on and put in the wheelie bin. In the summer they reek. Urrghh.

Nextdoor down: just the guy WFHing. Uneventful.
Nextdoor up: think both the woman and her two sons are in, but they’re pretty quiet. They often cook very nice smelling food, but haven’t today thus far.
Nextdoor two doors up: after a frenetic few weeks doing some kind of patio out the back all activity has now ceased. We are speculating he was furloughed but is now working again. They have a nice dog called Heidi who is never on a lead but super obedient.
The squirrels across the way must be hiding from the rain. The woodpeckers have carried on feeding regardless.
Update ends.

All neighbours of Hoogy HQ are behaving themselves impeccably, obviously.


Next door up: My neighbour is working on the wendy house he has been build at the bottom of his garden for the last few weeks for his two children.

Next door down: Don’t know, slightly older couple and I just never see them out.

Further up the road have blankets, sun shades and towels all out on the path out front of there house (they are from a couple of houses in my road) and this is their default setup every day, although as the weather is now hot they are no longer sitting out in their big pink fluffy dressing gowns.

Neighbourhood kids are tearing up and down the road and playing football at the side of my house (in the gap between my house and my neighbours) so every now and then I hear the sound of the ball smashing against my back gate.

That’ll be the constant surveillance.

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