What are your neighbours upto?

I tend to wake up at about 5am, so hear my neigbours getting up from then on.

One thing I remember from that time is my upstairs neighbor shouting “I DONT CARE GET UP” to her kid at about 7am. otherwise my neighbours are ok noise wise.

Next door attached. 3 youngish women, who may well have been a party house in other circumstances, are coming up to 12 months and a local estate agent has been around. They’ll either be moving out, and we go into new tenants next door lottery, or they’ve extended for a year, which would be better as they’ve been largely quiet thus far.

Next door, no attached. Recovered from covid with complications and is back at work. Nice and friendly. Very quiet.

Broader neighbours. We’ve had a high turnover of tenants and owners over lockdown, so it will be interesting to see who is going to be annoying as restrictions ease.

Great stuff. Hope your new bin situation wont cause you any unnecessary trouble.

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Danger house have been quiet but their pals across the road got drug raided the other week.

Next door’s daughter has started having some fairly spectacular tantrums in the room that has a shared wall with my room, which has been… loud. Feel sorry for all concerned more than annoyed, though.

Flat next door is selling weed under the rouse of selling tea. Christ, there’s been so many strangers in her flat over lockdown/s, she’s supplementing the dealing with childminding so also getting lots of young children and their parents in the flat sometimes at the same time as the dealers.

Bleak stuff but as she’s a grandma she goes completely unnoticed by anyone other than me.

The real shenanigans however is with the rich older women in the posh houses behind me. Cuts her grass, pulls up weeds, gathers general crap and litter and whilst staring me in the eye if I’m sat in my garden, ditches it all over her wall into my garden. Sometimes she jumps over the wall and starts pulling up the saplings IN MY GARDEN, whilst looking at me.

Good grief, I’m furious thinking about her right now.


This remains an unsolved mystery though

I’ve got some updates from next door

Next door downstairs who are very quiet and I hardly see and who I quietly resent because I know him from riding bikes and it’s a bit weird that he’s not more friendly and doesn’t even follow me back on Instagram so I unfollowed him out of spite have had a baby as I can hear it occasionally. I never see her so missed her pregnancy entirely


Chatted to next door upstairs (who I can never remember the names of, he might be Steve, I like him, she doesn’t talk much) yesterday and they will be starting their loft conversion soon - so I bet downstairs next door with the baby will be overjoyed about that

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The last week or two I keep hearing a sort of deep rumbling noise from somewhere, i think it’s next door but it could be upstairs or the flat above next door. I’m not sure if it’s someone playing a video game loudly and that’s the only frequency that comes through the walls, or if it’s someone’s boiler or something like that making weird noises.

I hope you pick it up and throw it back over the wall. I would be livid


Upstairs are arguing every day in Italian. They have three kids there but don’t seem to mind screaming (no words, just a long primal scream) at the top of their lungs to get the other one to stop talking.

Downstairs has been vacant for a couple of years but has recently been sold. Nervous about who might move in as noise travels in this building.

Currently involved in a bin war as an anonymous resident keeps putting bags in general waste in the recycling

Next door had all of the trees in their garden removed last week. The wood chipper was quite an addition to my online English class.

It’s obviously environmentally bad but we get waaaaaay more light in our garden so probably a net gain for us.

They’ve changed the code to our gardens, so a lot of them trying and failing to get into the garden today :anguished:

Upstairs flat couple keep putting loads of empty cardboard boxes into the wheelie bins without breaking them down.

Guy opposite is a generic human with no identifying recognisable features or traits.

Scandi photographer next door has had some nice new windows put in and she’s also got a nice new kitchen.

90+ yo lady in the flat directly above died recently.


Feeling pretty seen right now.

Our next door neighbours are selling their house. The estate agents put up the for sale sign on the very edge of their property right by our house. Loads of our friends have seen this and expressed shock that we’re moving without telling them.

We asked the estate agents to move the sign. They said they would but didn’t.

The sign blew down in high winds a week or so ago. They put it back up in the same place.

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The students next door are back and having noisy parties in the back garden till all hours again. One of the people in the flats behind the houses has complained about really noisy parties in the past though, and last night wasn’t too bad. I’m sure they’ll get nipped in the bud if they continue

Don’t generally hear our neighbours at all but the flat above us have started playing music really loudly. But only on Friday mornings and only for two songs - True by Spandau Ballet followed by Twist in My Sobriety by Tanita Tikaram. Happened mid-morning for the last 5 or 6 weeks. It’s kind of surreal.


My parents neighbors just had a carbon monoxide leak, thank god no one was injured. Get you carbon monoxide detectors!

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My neighbours are keeping a cockrel as a pet.

It doesn’t make noise before 8.00 or after 10.00 so the council don’t seem to want to do anything but it crows constantly between about midday and 8pm.

Recently moved in neighbours have been

Power washing everything…drive, patio, decking etc for hours.
Drilling stuff
Using large petrol mowers and strimmers on their, at best, 4m square lawn
Cleaning out gutters with some long arm very loud washer thing

Hopefully it’s new house excitement.