What are your next door neighbours like?

On one side we have a lovely couple. Both Vegan. Very chilled. Animal lovers. One works in a art college. The other is a hairdresser. Really friendly people. We look after their cat if they go away. They do likewise for us.

On the other side. Middle aged couple. Kids have gone off to Uni. One is a school secretary the other is a teaching assistant. They are big into Amateur dramatics. Every Friday night (pre lockdown) they have a gathering at their house of their theatre group. It gets a bit giggly and noisy but doesn’t bother us as it’s usually over by 10pm
The school secretary is very quiet and she doesn’t say much the teaching assistant guy is really nosey and will blatantly ask us what we are doing if we have a skip in the garden or if we happen to be drilling or something. He’s a real gossip and likes to tell us about everyone in the street. I keep very low key if he asks me anything.

This week my son turned 17 as a surprise my wife hired a lazy spa hot tub for 3 days. Night one just me the wife and kids used it. Night 2 (birthday night) we had 4 of sons friends over for a barbecue then that all had time in the hot tub. They all left by 10:30 and nobody else used the hot tub that night.
Final night: We had 4 of our daughters Friends over for time in the hot tub and we had some pop music playing in the garden. Everyone left by 10:30 at which point the kids were cleaning teeth and getting ready for bed. My wife and I decided to have 30 mins relaxing in the hot tub. At 10:45 the dogs were barking and there was a figure standing by the gate to the back of our house. The nosey neighbour was stood by the back gate. I want a word with you he said. I turned the bubbles off and walked over to him in my shorts dripping wet. One of the dogs was still barking at him… he was on our property after all. FUCK OFF he said to the dog. That thing isn’t exactly quiet is it he said pointing towards the hot tub. I’ve got work tomorrow. So have I, I said. Before I had a chance to say that it was only a 3 day hire he was walking away muttering something. The next day the hot tub went and we returned to peace and normality.

He’s a prick. He always has been but he lives next to us so I just say hi and am polite. I won’t say anymore to him but I’m fuming. As far as I’m aware you can sound your car horn until 11pm but apparently the bubbles on a hot tub are too loud for him at 10:45 at night.

Anyway just needed to hey that off my chest. I’ve been working since said incident so haven’t seen him since.

That’s my neighbours. What are yours like?

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Did this happen when you when you were installing it?

Joking aside, that seems pretty unreasonable of him; fair enough complaining if you were partying until 3am or something.

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… also he has a temper. How do I know this? Because he told me this story once… About 7 years ago he was cycling home from school where he worked. It’s an inner city school and I imagine quite challenging. Anyway he was cycling past a group of older students. They were goading him and taking the piss. He stopped. Got off his bike and grabbed one of the kids by the throat and threatened him. They went to the police and it all went to court. He spent about 12 months suspended from the school and didn’t know if he would have a job. In the end he did keep his job but that’s the sort of character he is. Can’t control his temper!

On the left - students. Better than last year’s lot, came around to warn us about a 21st birthday party the other week which was still going on at 4am, but wasn’t too loud.
On the right - a very friendly family. The mum is a TA a Jimbo’s school, and they have a dog which they’ve managed to lock outside the front door at least twice. No problems either side tbh.

My other half did call the police following an incident two doors up though, but that’s outside the remit of this thread I’m afraid.

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One is a nice middle class lady whose husband doesnt exist. Otherside is an asian lady that i’ve never seen for more than half a second and might be a ghost. Quite a haunted building I think.

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Didn’t we do this a fortnight or so ago. Anyway…

Next door left, empty
Next door right - elderly couple and their middle aged son. Lovely people. Quiet indoors and chatty

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I couldn’t cope with that I’m 45 and work as a paramedic. I’m quite boring and only drink occasionally. I glad you agree. People at work who know me and who I have told the story to said what a wanker he must be and that he’s probably jealous because we were having fun!

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Must have missed that.

Young couple, possibly students, Ukrainian. Seem nice enough, our interactions are limited to handing over parcels we’ve taken in for each other.


Family with kids on one side, youngest cries a bit, but that’s to be expected. No bother.

Other side, house divided into two flats, both sets of residents moved in just before lockdown as the property changed hands and I’ve not really met them. Again no bother, other than one of them leaves their rubbish outside my house on bin day. Time for a passive aggressive note I think.

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He’s been one of my best friends for the last 13 years. So I’m incredibly grateful and lucky.


I think it has been well documented on here that my neighbours are really great considerate people and we get on wonderfully!!


Lady on the left cleans the cobwebs off the stairs. Man on the right has a pool table and lent me his steam cleaner.

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One side is a family with 5 kids. Kids are loud as fuck sometimes obviously but they’re absolutely lovely, he chars our ears off about anything to do with DIY but he’s pretty handy at it so go ahead, and she always brings us batches of homemade curries and samosas occasionally.

Other side is a young couple who moved in last year. Had a few beers with them and they’re pretty sound. He’s filled in for my 5 a side team a couple of times (reads the game and has a shot on him, but rusty as fuck first touch). They have a young and very loud dog called vinny. Man united fan though so will be chucking faeces into their garden til they sell up

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i’m renting. they both hate the fact i’m renting

They sound awful. Imagine how snobbish and entitled you’d have to be to be cross about that.

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it’s a really nice area. and a nice house. and both of them have been fine with me, even doing some of the garden on my side.

but yeah. both have made comments about how they “wish it wasn’t rented to people”

Being charitable, it sounds like they’re ok with you but concerned about the unknown that comes after you. Still not a great attitude, mind

More common than you’d think…