What are YOUR seven wonders of the world?

The seven things you’ve seen with your own eyes that have made you go ‘what a wonder!’

I’d like this to be an earnest thread about nice and exciting places to visit, but if you want to make a joke list you can, just put it in a spoiler for God’s sake.

I’ll have a think about mine and get back to you (me)

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Halong Bay in Vietnam, otherwordly.
I’ll get back to you about the other 6


Sugar Loaf mountain.
An empty Murvica Beach in Bol
Hmm what else


Grand Canyon probably
My brain couldn’t understand that I wasn’t looking at a picture and also I forgot my glasses


Just a list of things I think are quite nice. Not as well travelled as a lot of you.

Parc Guell, Barcelona
Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora
The Forum and Colosseum, Rome
View from the top of the Col du Tourmalet, France
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Kingly Vale, West Sussex
Lava tunnels, Tenerife


Top of my head…

Taj Mahal
Grand Canyon
Lake District
Some fjord in Norway I once went to and didn’t know the name of
Great Dixter

Bit euro/UK centric sorry


the giant Buddha on Lantau Island

the view across Hong Kong harbour from the Peak

the Black Mountains

Himeji Castle

one of those bits on Dartmoor where a river runs through loads of tumbled boulders and there are old trees overhead whose branches hang low with moss

some misty cobbled backstreet in an old Mitteleuropan city that makes me think of sixteenth century burgomeisters and the brothers Grimm, that sort of thing

I dunno, pubs?


This is such an amazing place!

my own balls and 5 other things


Kutna Hora is a really nice place, but the ossuary was amazing.

Oooh, get Mr Two Balls over here

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is that… unusual?


Glencoe and its vicinity
The Maldives (in general)
I dunno, a packed Hampden Park when Scotland are winning


Spoiler this

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I have visited one actual wonder! It was the great wall of china and very cool. I haven’t been to many places but the sea, any sea, they’re amazing and so beautiful


The Great Wall was great, but imo it should be visible from space

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one of my favourite memories is from Kutna Hora. I was only there for a day, and wandering round when I came to a tiny enclosed square. There were some kids there from what I presume was some sort of choir school, only half a dozen or so, stood spaced out around the square and a teacher in the middle conducting them as they sang a classical choral piece. There was no crowd or audience, my friend and I had stumbled across it quite by accident, and I think they were singing just for the love of it. It was late afternoon, with sun on old stone buildings and these lovely voices echoing and bouncing off the walls. A totally unexpected magical moment.


Mound no spoiler required


The abandoned jetty, Canvey Island

Need to think about my other 6