What are your tapas tactics?

I like a Tapas. Don’t think you can beat being in an authentic Spanish place and smashing through the small plates.

Generally find the more people at your table the less enjoyable it is, though, reason being cunts are always in a rush.

A lone tapas is magnificent. A two person tapas can be great. Three people or more - seething.

One dish per person to one drink is my rule. If you’re with your other half order three to share per round, sure, but more than that it’s not for me.

Good tapas - three hours, 6-9 Galicias, slow munching

Bad tapas - order a fuck load, turfed out in fifty minutes

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Tapas in Spain with someone who speaks Spanish and is happy to order for the table > any tapas in England


Take it to the rolling Goes Without Saying thread, pal.

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I disagree tapas is more authentic when its tapas night at the farmer’s arms


look at the menu, and there’s british/italian/greek/turkish food advertised as ‘tapas’

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Best tapas I ever had was in this completely unassuming little bar/cafe underneath the flat my friend was staying while she was studying in Madrid. She would just continually order more whenever something was in danger of running out and the guys who worked there were so nice and found this odd little English girl who could bark back at them in Spanish a delight.

Yes okay I haven’t thought this through properly

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best tapas (that I can eat) - Patatas Bravas, padron peppers, that tomato and butterbean stew thing, crushed tomatoes and oil on bread, mushroom croquette things, other


little food, big pints


Strict rule, only tapas with the Mrs. Got invited to a 8-10 person tapas fest before lockdown, faked being sick so I didn’t have to go. 8-10 people imagine, moving tables together to just have cutlery, drinks, food everywhere, people talking over everyone. Nightmare.


If there aren’t ceramic tiles on the wall, some variant of Estrella on, and some unecessary shouting coming from the kitchen it isn’t tapas for me.


More of a pintxo man myself, but I love a good tapa too.


that really musky hot dusty smell you get in spanish squares.


massive freezer of ice creams next to the entrance.

Finishing your last glass of red amongst the people milling home at sunset, you look across the square and think ‘plenty of room to throw a lawn chair’


Could go for the following right now;
Calamares, Pulpo A Gallega, Orejas A Gallega, Padrones, Pan Con Tomate, Tortilla Espanola, Albondigas.
All with a small bottle of beer please.


The worst/most annoying paid meal of my life was like this: it was maybe 16 years ago, Mrs CCB and I were both on low incomes, and we were friends with this couple, one of whom had a well paid job at some software firm.

The restaurant was in the centre of Cambridge and served a sort-of international tapas. We were broke so we ordered all the cheap stuff; they ordered things like spiced pigeon breast etc etc. When it came to the bill, they were like “oh so shall we go 50/50?”… I don’t think I’ve ever paid so much for so little enjoyment of food.


the truly pro thing to do is to do a tapas tour, because different places do certain things better. couple of tortillas in one place, go to the pintxos place a few doors down, 5 min walk to the best pulpo and padrones in town, and then finish with some pigs ears and patatas bravas somewhere else.


Tapas was a lot, lot better when I wasn’t going out with a vegetarian and subsequently became sort of vegetarian myself.

Spain really needs to get to the 21st century already and make a couple of dishes that don’t have nice, cool and/or cute animals in.

Would never go for tapas as a ‘meal out’, cause I’m gigantic and it’d cost £500 to fill me up properly but as a snack/accompanying some slow boozing there’s nothing better. Best tapas dishes I’ve ever had were in Granada; pulpo and then lamb brains.