What are your top 5 continuous TV shows



continuous means ongoing, which you probably already know, what with having a functioning brain n all.

NO SOAPS. sorry

in no order

Gardeners World
The 6 O’clock News (BBC, obvs)


Springwatch is not continuous. The clue is in the name.


Think the only ones I watch regularly are MOTD and Question Time, and a large part of me fucking hates Question Time.


I don’t think I watch anything like this anymore.

I wish you luck with this thread though.

Bon chance!


It’s no wonder you were bullied, Roland.


Just ‘The Football’ in general
The Chase
Masterchef (not sure if this counts as ‘continuous’ or not though)


it comes on at the same time every year, ya contrary shit. other than the news, I’m not sure there is any show that runs continuously

ya prick!


chase CUNT!


Soaps, news, weather, countryfile.


Good grief!


countryfile takes a break, you stupid cunt! maybe you should take a break…


Coronation Street, fuck your rules.


don’t like that prick Walsh, do I. or that horrible looking* woman who knows everything in the world

*horrible as in she looks like a horrible person, not horrible to look at


Also, if Springwatch counts as continuous, surely so does stuff like The Apprentice.


s’fine man. comes on around the same time every year. therefore, it’s continuous


Fuckin’ love Bradders mate (as discussed elsewhere on here) Each to their own though eh.


You can chuck The Apprentice on my list then in that case, cheers


anything that comes on at the same time each year IS CONTINUOUS


So we’re counting any TV series that hasn’t been permanently cancelled.

Mate, this thread is a disaster.


What dictionary are you using?