What art films for?

Asking for a mate

Absolutely nothing.

It used to be for showing interesting films, advert free, but now it’s pretty rubbish and never shows anything I haven’t seen before.

Covering stuff in the fridge

Well they’re cheaper than a baby sitter.

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Well, they’re a bit like music aren’t they: ultimately pointless.

is it possible to imagine, somewhere out there, a more #makeuthink thread?

I’m asking the questions here

I don’t really like films either. Hi @Ruffers!

I can understand when one’s enjoyable/good but if I’m honest they’ve never changed my life in the way a good book or album does.

because ET’s got short legs


that’s boxsets these days, grandad!

Is that Wilson from Castaway

He really deserves a sequel


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Wow, it’s almost as if different things affect different people in different ways or something???

That wouldn’t change what they’re, y’know


Don’t be such an essentialist