What art films for?



Asking for a mate


Absolutely nothing.



It used to be for showing interesting films, advert free, but now it’s pretty rubbish and never shows anything I haven’t seen before.


Covering stuff in the fridge


Well they’re cheaper than a baby sitter.


Well, they’re a bit like music aren’t they: ultimately pointless.


is it possible to imagine, somewhere out there, a more #makeuthink thread?


I’m asking the questions here


I don’t really like films either. Hi @Ruffers!


I can understand when one’s enjoyable/good but if I’m honest they’ve never changed my life in the way a good book or album does.


because ET’s got short legs




So boring couples who hate each other have something to distract them from them wasting their lives every night


that’s boxsets these days, grandad!


Think they were a stop gap entertainment form before people perfected the Internet. I don’t mind them, but if they stopped making them I would be about as upset as if they discontinued snickers bites or something. Having said that liked the look of the Wilson trailer earlier


Is that Wilson from Castaway


He really deserves a sequel



Sound like a fad to me.