What artists do you reckon people could only name one song by and nothing else?


Aside from actual fans of course, and not including one hit wonders

Was seeing who was on an old BBC Choice show called Re:Covered (Hell is For Heroes! Big Brovaz!) and saw Reef on there playing a new song. I thought there must not be anyone out there who can name any of Reef’s singles aside from Put Your Hands On

Any others


Dead Or Alive? Seen to be thought of as a one hit wonder, but actually had a fairly lengthy career both pre and post You Spin Me Round…


Good one! I cant think of any others


Loads of new wave/punk bands

The human league
The ruts

That kind of thing




Nah. little respect cover


Human League? People coukd nane loads by them! Fascination, Dont You Want Me, Love Action


American Gangster featuring Bruce Dickinson


Depends which ‘people’ you’re talking about, no? Casual music fan? Average disser? Etc


Well true but the Human League were one of the biggest bands of the 80s really. I reckon most casual music fans would

as if we’re debating the popularity of the Human League


Wu-Tang Clan (Gravel Pit)




Also: cream (sunshine of your love)


Len - steal my sunshine too


Deep purple
Van halen


The Proclaimers


Mott The Hoople
Chesney Hawkes


Black kids


I vaguely remember their follow up! it went like “rock rock to the beach yo”

cant remember the name


Nah. Letter to America and 500 miles…