What artists do you reckon people could only name one song by and nothing else?

Sunshine n Leith too (only know that cause they made that film)

7 top 40 singles apparently…


i always forget that these two are Human League so i’m going to project and say that some other people might as well


If we’re talking about “the man on the street” then I think most would struggle to name another Bjork song other than ‘Oh So Quiet’. Casual music fan - a few more probably. Probably the same with Babybird and ‘You’re Gorgeous’.

Reef of course released It’s Your Letters as well :wink:



They had at least 2 big songs didn’t they?

Gonna say wings as well

Toto, Foreigner, all those 80s soft rock bands


Was that the music show hosted by Dermot O’Leary where bands played one of their own songs and a chosen cover version??


I reckon the man on the street could name Wake Up Boo and no other Boo Radleys songs. Incredible really, given the depth of their back catalogue.

It was! I was Googling Harry the singer and hrr wiki mentioned it…Id never heard of it before

They Might Be Giants: 19 studio albums and I reckon the man on the street could only name Birdhouse In Your Soul

Nah, they did the Malcolm in the Middle theme as well.

Dandy Warhols?

Yeah, a few might know Boys Better but a good shout. Do you think the average person would know that they did the Malcolm in the Middle theme? I didn’t know that.

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
Carly Simon - You’re So Vain

To the man on the street anyway

Defo not Talking Heads. Ive never heard an album but Road to Nowheres probably bigger than Once in a Lifetime

I was kinda hoping you’d found some link to old episodes.

It was a great programme. They used to get a bunch of bands to do a song of their own and a cover version of their choice (which ranged from amazing to appalling)

Im afraid not ! Seems some intriguing ones on there though, so might have a gander