What band has the biggest gulf in quality


between their best album and their worst?

Is there a band who have released a 10/10 album and also a 0/10 album?

Please discuss, citing examples.


Metallica –

1st four albums vs. St. Anger


Maybe Weezer? Pinkerton vs. whatever the worst one was that followed.




not heard but I gather the new Arcade Fire was piss poor at best


Simple Minds maybe? Empires and Dance and a couple of the other early albums are 10/10 records or very close. From the mid 80s onwards they were awful and some of those albums are close to being 0/10.

The Arcade Fire are heading in that direction at the moment.


Yeah, I thought it was bad enough to question whether they just didn’t screw up the first three accidentally.


I’ve only heard the single off it. Some utterly crap lyrics, e.g:

Saying God, make me famous
If you can’t just make it painless
Just make it painless

I think Reflektor got some mixed reviews. I quite liked it but it’s not my favourite by any stretch.


Blue vs Raditude


Bloc Party
Slient Alarm vs Hymns


Arcade Fire - Funeral (7/10)
Arcade Fire - the new one (1/10)


I feel bad saying this because the latter was a pure grief album but for my money ‘Specter at the Feast’ is a long way off the first three BRMC albums.


I listened to Spectre At The Feast a few times recently before seeing them live the other week. It’s actually nowhere near as disappointing as I remember - think it just has too many slow songs/too many songs in general…


Echo & The Bunnymen…

Ocean Rain, Heaven Up Here, Porcupine - all 9/10
The Fountain - 1/10


Ryan Adams
Heartbreaker vs Orion

Edit: Slightly unfair as Orion is a metal concept album… I think he was just pissing about


Animal Collective

Feels / SJ / MPP vs a couple of the nearly unlistenable early ones




I listened to St Anger (album) this morning for some reason

Managed Frantic and St Anger (song) before having to turn it off. So terrible. The snare drum substituted for an empty oil barrel doesn’t help matters either.


I need to watch the st anger documentary.


There’s a few people with long careers that are contenders.

Lou Reed - Berlin/Lulu
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks/anything since about 1990
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality/Forbidden