What Band Would You Most Like To Be A Part Of?

If they made the call, who would you most like to join? You get to play any instrument you like.

Yo La Tengo. Seem like a right good bunch.


Goldie Lookin Chain

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When I was about 18 I had a dream I was in Metallica and played the solo to Nothing Else Matters after kicking over a gravestone.


I could be the Pete Best of Afrirampo.

Any of the Britpop bands.

I would like to be the drummer out of Converge. I would like to be able to play any Converge song to some mates and go “hear those drums? I did that”


The best one, whichever that is.

I want to be Brian Bell in Weezer

I’d like to play the maracas for Squarepusher.


I’d like to be in IDLES. Great set of chaps and their views match up with mine.

Not arsed really. Someone who doesn’t play very often and gets paid a lot per show

Broken Social Scene

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Maybe little mix. As long as the original band chemistry was maintained

Gogol Bordello. I want in on that party. Think locally fuck globally.

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Lemonheads’ second guitarist. Dream job.


seem like a GBOL and I love them and they seem to be enjoying themselves when they play

I would like to be the drummer in The Mars Volta please.

Thank you.


Being in The National seems like an uncomplicated life, I’m all for that.

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Ladytron. I would play synths and maybe even compose some tunes.