What became of the beer throwing lads?

Do you reckon they’ve put it behind them now and they’ve reintegrated back into civilised society? Alternatively might they be waiting for the Euros and that? :thinking:

What became of the dreams we had?



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Who had beer that’s now departed


Some of them have been promoted, some of them have become parents, some of them have got married, some of them have got their foot on the property ladder, some of them have died, some of them have been forced to live a lie, some of them have thrown some more beer


There’ll always be beer throwing lads
While there’s a country lane,
Wherever there’s a cottage small
Beside a field of grain

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Would love to see a clown-lad throw a pint that turned out to be confetti


or some beautiful doves

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One time at Kings of Leon (I know) at T in the Park (I know), a guy pissed in his empty beer cup and then threw it forward into the crowd.

/tangentially related

they all found their true carling



That would be a conjuror-lad surely?

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In 2017 nobody threw beer

In 2018 SOME people threw beer

In 2019 nobody threw beer


just imagine waiting in a queue for ages, in the hot sun, and finally getting your beer and then making the long trek back to your mates, weaving in and out of the crowd, and then 5 minutes later chucking most of it in the air.
Think I have more in common with slugs than those people

Slugs are truly awful creatures

slugs do really like beer

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don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Underneath that slimy skin is…a completely worthless…thing

I think they’re the only animals I don’t like, at least snails have the decency to grow a shell.

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If someone said to me “You can get rid of all slugs by just thinking the thought “I wish all slugs were dead” if you want to do that” I would make sure that I had that thought immediately

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Fuck a snail. I also hate those pricks.