What became of the beer throwing lads?

I wonder if snails would miss them

Nah, nobody would miss them. Everyone would be like “You know what, I haven’t seen a slug for a while and I am very glad about it”

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“Slugs are preyed upon by virtually every major vertebrate group”

Should get themselves a fucking spine then shouldn’t they.

I think the thing that any animal I loathe has in common is the fact they are lacking in vertebrae (I also don’t really like cats)

Yes, always thought this. Getting a beer at a festival takes ages and costs a fortune.

Throw a ball instead

I have a vivid memory of deliberately riding over a slug with a tricycle. I still feel guilty about it, but maybe knowing that it’s one less slug to bother you will help to alleviate this burden

Which wheel of the tricycle was it with? (Tricycles or “trikes” famously have three wheels)

Yeah, sea slugs are great

I have a slug anecdote if anyone would like to hear it?

The front wheel of the ‘trike’, so I watched it get cleaved in two :cry:

Holy cow! (Interestingly, you could have achieved this same result on a bicycle or “bike” as well as a unicycle or “uike”)

Could not have achieved it with a cow though, holy or otherwise

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Beer became £6 a pint and we rolled over and took it, that’s what happened

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