what big threads have you never had a look at?

Never been in the Star Wars thread, Football Thread, Cycling Thread or Daddy Thread.

Weird to think how much must go on in there, whole character arcs and memes and shit no doubt.

Football. All the sports ones, really. There’s also apparently a wrestling thread but my brain literally blocks it out for my own protection.


Most of them, especially that Smashing Pumpkins one.

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We actually just arrange meet ups to wrestle each other in that thread. It’s great fun


oh fuck the wrestling thread. Forgot about that

I didn’t ask any questions about your nerd hobby, thanks.

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Doesn’t exist, afaik.

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I mean, that goes without saying.

Sorry your right, posting about a nerd hobby in every thread is completely out of order

I agree. Could have please have a word with the football threaders about it? Thanks in advance.

this could be a catalyst for some bad factionalism actually

The irony of this :smiley:


Never looked at wrestling. Like the football thread but it’s dauntingly long so often cba. Have abandoned several HGWTR threads after the first day for similar reasons.

I think long threads can be rewarding to read though.

Blows my mind how popular wrestling is on here


on an Internet forum full of nerds? Really?

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oh yeah that reminds me, I don’t look at the career thread because it’s hugely depressing if you have no prospects. Wish everybody well though as long as I’m not hearing about it


oh are you a big star wars fan too?

Not even in a judgemental way or anything. Just always surprised by it.
Do people stream it or pay to watch it or is it on normal tv?

There’s only about 5-6 people who post in it tbf