what big threads have you never had a look at?

I used to play the game wwe crush hour which is wrestlers driving cars with guns on them. Also bought some wrestling dvds without cases from the Woolworths closing down sale when i was about 14 cos i thought about getting into it but then never watched them


I just sorted by replies to find the longest threads in case any had eluded me. I then accidentally clicked the ‘Replies’ column header again, which put the shortest threads at the top. It was a bit sad - all those zero reply threads just languishing in the archives with no mates


  • Look at Stephen Merchant
  • Hooters
  • Why do people like Beyoncé so much?
  • Someone explain the autumn budget to me
  • You can actually search for zero replies threads
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I’m sure Jordan is over it by now


I read and mentally review every single post made for our community. If a community member has deemed a thought worthy of posting you can bet your ass that I’ll give it the time and respect it deserves.

community.drownedinsound.com - I live for this


Lunch threads

Got tricked into posting in one recently, was really annoyed

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Read the thread about buying a house once, no idea why I am never going to be able to. Made me sad.

what the actual fuck is this

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Pretty much all of the daily and evening threads.

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it was really fun. taught me a lot about the wwe and its catchphrases so now i can sometimes follow when people on here quote their favourite wrestlers

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I see Big Threads has got to you too

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as somebody who eats the same lunch every day of his life, I don’t think I have much to contribute there


Any thread pre-fixed with “MTftSB”
Any “How Good Are They Really [band]” thread

Because there is a Music Board for a reason.


Wrestling is choreographed drama. Its easy to compare it to dance, it requires an insane amount athleticism and timing to do even close to well and when done right the stories are insanely engagin and whst not. But what you will find in the thread is people are actually more interested in the backstage politics which is FASCINATING

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I feel like there’s a difference in style between people who post on the two boards though. Would probably get a bunch of in depth listings of old gigs people have been to on the music board

I wouldn’t know