What book am I thinking of?



I saw in a book shop about 10 years ago and the details I have are very hazy. I don’t know why I didn’t just buy it because I liked the sound of it at the time but I never saw it again. The only thing I remember about it was that it had something to do with someone having access to some sort of source of apparently limitless information or an infinite library of stories, that’s really all i can remember. It doesn’t sound that good now but I’d still be interested to know what it might’ve been. It was possibly a penguin classic. I’ll google this as well but thought it might be good to ask you lovely people on here.

Jorge Luis Borges

Sounds like Borges to me.




you’re as bad as the folk here who say “there was a book I saw, it had a red cover”



Or, “there were some shorts with tassles on”


sorry, really didn’t mean to.

That’s like the sort of thing I get: the internet’s not working!


Or, “that wasn’t my cock that was my umbrella.”


listen, I said the details were very hazy and even went to the trouble of italicizing “very”


Colinfilth is right, I think. Sounds like The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.


Not as good as my football guessing game, tbh.


How did you feel after looking at the book?


Holy shit! Seriously?!


Can’t believe how unhelpful everyone is being. (especially @plasticniki)

Was the book fiction?


stop bullying me


It’s in Labyrinths, the short story collection. That’s still in print.


Harry Potter and the Library of Forever


plasticniki and the library of [redacted]


Marckee and the googlesaurus


The Library That Couldn’t Slow Down


Was there a movie of it? I’m better at movies.