What book released in 2013 or after that costs £5 or less in the Kindle store that I have not read should I buy


I’m about to start We Need To Talk About Kevin, it was £1.99.

Dunno, we’ll need a comprehensive list of books released post-2013, costing less than a fiver for the Kindle that you have read, just to be sure…

Where’s You Go, Bernadette?

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Prefer the sequel

Probably only A Little Life and Sisters Brothers and some others that I can’t think of. It’s a gaping hole. Fill it for me.


If you can fork out the extra 3p (The Sellout if you can stretch to £5.69)

s’good that is

5.99 marckee!

Who prices this shit?

Jeff Bezos

Yeah they might do it

Get this Jacob Ross’s The Bone Readers


I’m halfway through and it’s great.

I picked this up on a whim in waterstones a while back

It was good. 4.99

I’m slightly concerned about being left breathless but it is within budget.

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This one was 99p and had a fun cover so it’s next on my list

Mixed reviews from the trustworthy source of Amazon reviewers

mainly thickos who didn’t get it - you’ll be ok with it.

Definitely buy my poetry book (nobody else will)


Don’t know when it came out, but I found this for 1.99 the other night. (might have gone up) The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Really good so far (63%).