What brand of rucksack is 'hot' right now?

What brand of rucksack is ‘hot’ right now?

My black Jansport rucksack is slowly dying after about 10 years of loyal service and I’m probably going to need a new one soon.

Sometimes I see people that make me think “gosh, they’re cool!”, and they are usually wearing a Kanken or a Herschel rucksack… but are they any good?

What rucksack defines me?

Whichever is the most plain and reasonably priced one at TK maxx, I reckon (mine was a dickies one for £11 c. 6 years ago)


get a dakine: make sure you get one with a slot to hold your ice axe


To combine this with the OP, I got a very nice, plain grey Herschel rucksack at TK Maxx, held up perfectly over the past year.

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Sort of find that keeps us all going back to TK maxx. Thanks for sharing

North Face Borealis 4 lyf


Ikea Upptacka, as endorsed by the hottest person on DiS, @anon50098204


Got this Iona Herschel one. They’re good and reliable and Herschel are pretty good at replacing them if they fuck up. Went for clips instead of zips because the past 2 replacements have been because the zip got shitted up in the rain. I hope you find this information useful, goodbye.


Anything without those breathable bits on the inside, I imagine.

What’s the deal with those?

Had a Herschel one for a few years and it does seem pretty sturdy and hard wearing.

This is a bag that conveys stylishness and sophistication

I have this Sandqvist one and it’s lovely:


Didn’t pay that for it though…


You have to have a Kanken now. It’s the law (one of those laws we took back control of).

You are also now explicitly not allowed to have a 20-30l rucksack with zip side pockets. They appear to have been banned apparently.

Mine was also from TK Maxx. But I can’t remember the brand. Will update when I get home, but if you need an answer before then you could always call one of my housemates.


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Which one?

doesn’t matter you’ll look like a dork with a backpack