What brand of rucksack is 'hot' right now?



:arrow_double_up: Briefcase wanker

(Not Colin, japes)

Dealers choice

Agreed, it’s very boring.

seriously tho

is everyone going around saying it like can-can(ken)?

å is an ‘o’ sound, con-ken

from the verb att kånka to lug, drag or carry

Yeah mate. Can’t move round here for people standing in the street, mispronouncing Swedish brand names.


Aye just get a wheely case instead

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Imho, labels do not matter. You should decide what your requirements are, how much you need it to carry, girth, weight, height? etc.
Waterproof? Emergency supply pockets? What’s your favourite colour? Is this an everyday bag? How durable does it need to be?
And then do some research

Mine is a black vans with a cats face.




Not these then?


Everyone is switching to frontpacks now for a few years to even their posture out

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Gonna try and get my North Face Jester past the new insane RyanAir carry on rules tomorrow. Apparently it is 10cm too long. There is no fucking way I’m going to let them charge me £25 each way for it.

(I have a North Face and a Kanken, both solid bags. Got a very old Herschel somewhere too but it’s battered. Got that and the North Face in North America though so they were both basically half price)

Had a ReKanken since 2015 and it’s pretty much been around the world with me since and doesn’t look a day old.

Rains Mini is also v snazzy.

I was though. I really was that kid who took a briefcase to school. :smiley:

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It was Ellesse. Sorry for keeping you all in suspense.

If we’re going to get all macho about the quality of our rucksacks then I have a Karrimor 60l job that I first bought for interrailing 28 years ago and it’s still my go to travelling companion for any longer than a week.

Konkens look like those Dora the Explorer backpacks for three-year olds and you’re all just in denial.

can’t believe you of all people would fail to notice the difference between a brand name & a product name


Idk but Madlug are good and donate a bag for every one sold.


The answer is an old Dickies rucksack with a Deerhoof pin on it.

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another vote for davidoff cool herschel