What broad category does your most-liked post fall under?

for some reason the first post in a thread doesn’t count towards top posts

which is silly

cos you got a hundred and seventy one likes (all of them thoroughly deserved) on the first post in here

my most liked is a meme in the coronavirus shitposting thread, but were dislikes a thing I’d also have my record set in that thread too


oh yeah, well it’s that by some considerable distance for me then!

I dunno if there’s any way we can check but I’m not aware of anything else getting over 100 likes never mind getting over 170!

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Selfie from the operating theatre just after the birth of my daughter

There was a post in the Justin Casablancas thread that got over 100 iirc

this is true!

truly magnificent

the @rich-t ghost always does me a bit

It’s a story about my wedding, and by quite some margin.


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A song about an unproductive rock band



No surprise that it’s this


It’s the post I made on 9th June 2017, and always will be. Should’ve stopped paying attention to politics and posting more generally after that tbh.

Mine is a joke post in the covid thread. It’s got one more like more than my, “check it out I got married!” post which I’m quietly pleased with because that’s just free likes innit.

Mine fall into two categories:

  1. Stories about my daughters, mainly things that they say written in ALL CAPS

  2. pictures of my tortoise rampaging around the garden.

One day I will post a picture of my tortoise and my daughters REACTING TO HER and I will hoover up all the likes.


It’s about spaghetti hoops.

The picture of me getting married doesn’t even make the top 6.

Have you considered remarrying a can of spaghetti hoops?


A Simpsons related post disappointingly :unamused:

Neck and neck between politics & cat

I’ve just checked and it’s this one which I’m really happy about because it was just my thoughts and self reflections, years of low self esteem means I don’t really rate my own thoughts or opinions highly or see much value in them (which is bad but I’m working on it) so to see that people drew value from what was just word vomit means a lot, and I just read it back and I’m glad I said it and happy that it was of use, even if it’s a tiny bit :pleading_face: