What calendar have you got this year then?

I think the dust has settled enough on 2016 for this thread now so go on, what’s your poison?

google calendar (sorry ant)

No-one bought me one, the pricks. Could be October as far as I know.

No need for apologies, this is a lighthearted thread, there’s no gun to anybody’s head here!

I didn’t bother with one this year and no one bothered to get me one.

They Might Be Giants one. It’s a good un’.





Nobody bought us one, so think we’ve just got a free one from the Chinese takeaway or something.

I’ve got a free Mercedes-Benz trucks one on my desk here

What’s your truck this month?

David Bowie.

I hope you like it but this is not a calendar I would consider owning

I don’t have a physical one.

Kids have - V - Liverpool FC, R - Ghostbusters (2016 film)


Which player is it for April please? Also which Ghostbusters thing?

Haven’t had one in quite some years now. Last one was George Clooney around 2011.

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I do like it, but not as much as last year’s Terry Pratchett one.

Games Workshop one. It’s 40K though, WELL DONE MUM I ONLY LIKE AGE OF SIGMAR.