What calendar have you got this year then?

But look at April’s page!

Haha! Mums are always getting things like that wrong aren’t they, the stupid fucking morons :joy:

we’ve got a calendar of cows

it’s just 12 lovely pictures of lovely cows

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That sounds like my kind of calendar! Did you get it for half-price post-NYE in one of those stands in the middle of your local shopping centre?

not entirely up to date with crossing off the days - Lallana for April is great. last year he refused to turn over to Nov as it was Skrtel

Only a day behind for R

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Sorry, friend but I just don’t fuck with this sort of thing.

Star Wars - Collector’s Edition (as chosen by my son much to my wife’s upset)


Got it in one!

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We had cows a few years back. easily my favourite ever calendar.

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What are those smiling black creatures to the right of the Ghostbusters calendar?

Nice Ghostbusters calendar BTW.

Magic stuff.

A very niche study that should be carried out is the regularity at which a player representing a club in their official calendar from September - December is moved on in the August transfer window. It seems to happen an awful lot.

It’s a Unimog (like an offroad utility vehicle thing)

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Look at this lovely cow


an edward hopper 2015 calendar, still open on the month of august


It’s good that your son opted for a classic one as opposed to the presumably more abundant Rogue One version

Colour your own calendar thing. Relies on my daughter being arsed to sit down and colour in the coming month, so we’ve seen mixed results so far this year…

That is a really lovely cow!

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Who the fuck is Edward Hopper?

How is April shaping up?

Strong Island (an art, media and music project from Portsmouth). They do a calendar every year and they are always really nice.