What can I do in London tonight?

I’m in London on my own today. What fun thing can I do starting at ~7pm?


oxo tower?

Just what is it that you want to do?
Do you wanna be free, free to do what you wanna do
You wanna get loaded and you wanna have a good time
And that’s what you’re gonna do
You’rere gonna have a good time
You’re gonna have a party
I don’t wanna lose your love

Eat some delicious London candle wax

which bit?

pay some cunt 100 quid for a pint and then fuck off back where you came from.


I’m in Southbank.

get yourself a burrito from the wahaca truck, see what’s on the bfi?

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I really like the sound of the Barbican tour - thanks :slight_smile:


train to glasgow


Did that exact thing last night. But dunno what to do with myself today (although will probably go with DarwinDude’s Barbican tour suggestion).

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I think Bleecker are still by the river, my favourite burger place in London. Get the one with black pudding in it.


hmm, the link wont embed for some reason…

To celebrate our Tap Take Over we have @anspachhobday and @hackneybrewery in tonight do a free sampling!! Pop down and try some beers! #craftbeer

@ Temple brewhouse

Free beer!

Yes Bleecker are the best burger vendor in my opinion as well. Good choice.



Do you PROMISE to not call it something silly like Bleeckie Stretters or something?

love a bleeckies

I don’t think I can make that promise Geoffrey, looks like I’ll be dining at Bleecko on my own.


nah, its still meat wagon/liqor whatever.