What can I do in London tonight?

I admire your openness. All the best.

Man I want one of their Double Cheeseburgers with Angry Fries and I want it right now. Actual restaurant opening in the City in October. I’m going to get VERY fat in that place.

Whilst Meat Liquor IS one of my all time favourites in terms of dining, still think there’s a couple of establishments who deliver a better burger.

They’ve got a place in Victoria now innit. Man those angry fries :yum:

m9, i saw you talking about getting a jeremy’s iron toastie earlier - i didn’t know you were on meatbook?!

I think other places do better sides, but the burger there is still on top for me.

Lady Macbeth innit.

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Yeah I know but Victoria’s far, far away and no-one actually makes an active point of going there so I’ve not been. Soon as they open up a mere 4 tube stops away from me - it’s hammer time.

the bastard’s got away with it again!


oh fuck, where’s it opening in the City?

For me it’s the opposite. Love the place.

According to their website it’s here:

16 Bloomberg Arcade

Between Bank and Mansion House so I hope Geoff doesn’t spill any ketchup on his clean shirt.

oh good lord that’s about a 5 minute walk from my office

I’d be in all sorts of bother if this were me.

So help me @junk if you don’t square yourself off a Bleeckies tonight.

Bloomberg Arcade is getting a shit load of awesome places to eat in it:



sexist as fuck tbh


I’d do what I was going to do tonight if I wasn’t a bit ill, which is go to Peckham for some Voodoo Rays pizza (half price at the moment) and then go to Peckhamplex for a film. Hanging around the Southbank for food / drink and then a film at the BFI sounds like the tourist equivalent doesn’t it,

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Oh fuck my wife’s new office is going to practically next door to it.

RIP Geoff : (

There’s a decent looking gig at peckham rye tonight but that’s too far off and it’s pissing down, the barbican’s a great shout though.