What can you hear right now

I can hear the washing machine, a dog barking, and The Chase is on in the other room


Not my own.

I’m on the toilet so I can hear the low hum of the extractor fan

The fan is on and that’s it.

Edit: don’t mean this in a macho way, sorry

Come dine with me

Worst thread ever I’m so sorry

Got Damien Rice on low on my phone, it’s just started raining outside, and I’ve got some pies in the oven.

Who’s he talking to?


Spooky halloween sound fx youtube video & trick or treating kids

dropped it in water?


Rain, and the sound of the fan in my PC.

Oh, and now the sound of the keys being pressed on my keyboard.

Denis by Blondie on headphones.

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Washing machine
BBC 6 o’clock news
My son shouting “awoah”
My daughter chatting about Cars (the film)
My in-laws and wife chatting about politics

Housemate on the phone
A dankpods video to watch while eating
An occasional firework

At the moment I can hear the dulcet tones of @Gert and his selection of vampire-related songs.


Rain, cars and my son demanding we put Alphablocks on the TV

I can hear METZ


Waves lapping on a shore

Numberblocks mixed with Hellas v Roma

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The rain on the window
My partner failing to unscrew a bottle
The office on the TV
Kids shouting outside for Halloween (presumably)

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