what can you hear

And if so, I demand 15% of all profits

Lots of mouse-clicking.
The air-con

keyboard noises
mouse clicks
trackpad clicks
the sound of people shifting in their sitting positions
the hum of air conditioning
distant laughter
even more distant noise of traffic

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Pizza squelching between my teeth.

the fuck

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I produce saliva. IS THAt ok???

Various birds
The occasional goose honk
The occasional horse neigh

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Babbling baby whacking toys
The TV in the background

Gleemer on the speaker
TV playing along on his guitar in the living room

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Billie Eilish

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‘What Goes On’ by the Velvet Underground and four guys talking about Earth Day or whatever it’s called.

“Going over to Susan’s house…” :musical_score::musical_score:


I’m in a quiet coach on a train, and what I can’t hear are any bloody phonecalls.

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A dog barking in the distance

rain bating against the window
Only The Lonely
the touchscreen keypad as I type this

Slippers slapping against the kitchen tiles. A cork rubbing against the inside of a bottle. A sax playing within the confines of popular music. A can being rinsed out. The cupboard beneath the sink being rattled by a knee and my wife asking me a question. Can’t say much more for now, I’ve got a question to answer.