What can you never remember?


I can never remember who’s seen what TV show or how far through they are with it.

I’ll ask someone ‘have you seen x show?’ and they’ll say ‘yes, I’m the person who recommended it to you’.

Over to you.


Whatever I’ve walked into a room to get.

That thing that I very nearly wrote down because I thought I’d forget it but then I thought ‘don’t be daft, just really make an effort to remember this one’. And now… nope, still not got it.




How to spell manoeuvre


My mate’s girlfriend’s name. Something Latin sounding beginning with M.


Maximus Decimus Meridius?


“Mama Mia!”


broccoli for me




Whose round it is


Beat you!


Alright Jeremy Hunt


She does get annoyed with me for not using her name come to think of it.


People’s names.


Technetium when I’m trying to remember all the elements of the periodic table. Also Gadolinium.


Think we’ve had this thread. Can’t remember

I can never remember the number of days in each month


i can never remember how the rhyme goes. i mean, i know enough of it to work out how many days are in each month which is all you need. but still.

thirty days has september. april, june and november
something something february




how to spell privilege

i am an absolute spelling legend but that one always catches me out


Yes loads of spelling now - I used to pride myself on my spelling but now it’s a load of shite