What can you smell? [Audit]

Coffee (just made a pot)
Moisturiser (recently applied to face)
Hint of sewage (London)




But what does terrible smell like?!

Been in the same room for so long that I have ceased to notice any smells. Might refill the reed diffuser, as a treat.

N.B. not a euphemism

give it a wazzle

I can now smell grey cedar and sandalwoods, apparently.

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A body, deodorantless for a whole year, in all it’s smelly glory.

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Not a lot
Faint smell of the sushi my boyfriend is eating for lunch maybe?

Horseradish sauce from the sandwich that I’m eating, and neoprene.

Are you wearing a wet suit? and will that wetsuit that says aged 6 fit my 6 year old?

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I am not, although I have handled around 200 this morning.

wet suits?! :wink:

Hashbrowns and BBQ sauce from my brunch, the perfume I’m wearing today (Hexennacht - Black Phillip), slight whiff of mostly dried washing on the clothes horse.


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