What can you smell right now?

No argument from me m8, I know what I’d rather be doing right now

the town I’m working in today smells of manure. Inside the office doesn;t - but outside does

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someone’s sprayed some vanilla body spray, bit of sun cream in the mix now as well. quite pleasant all told tbh.

Nothing, so I took a big inhale of my hair. Sooo Aussie hair products.

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do they smell nice? (the products, not aussies)

The nicest smelling of all the shampoos.

Smelled them all have you?

Reckon you’re a vosene guy

You know… I’m not sure I’m the biggest fan, it reminds me of how my my little pony toys used to smell. I had one that had a cherry pie on its arse that was meant to smell of … cherry pie (obvs) but kinda just smelled like plastic.


We’ve got some of that. Not used it on myself yet but will now.


They’re quite sweet smelling but I kinda like that.


Smells so weird. Thought you’d be all over that german caffeine stuff tbh (not because you’re thinning, because of :de:)

Menthol. I have a headache so covered myself in 4head. It’s covering up the smell of my lunch

I pretty much don’t wash my hair.

Mine gets washed once a week.

I have a very thick barnet so have no cause to learn it’s name.


what is it?

is the shampoo any good?

Any baldness in the family ezzer? My dad’s side all have ridiculously good hair, however there’s a lot of bald uncles on my ma’s side :confused:

Edit: not that there’s anything wrong with being bald, the confused emoji was more to do with I don’t really know what’s going to happen to my head.

I love the way they don’t seem to be allowed to make any claims for what the caffeine actually is supposed to do for your hair. I’m going to assume it’s “wake it up in the mornings”