What can you smelt right now


Zinc for me.


i think i’m going to smelt in this weather!


Going bronze in the sun. Bronze is my final answer. Cheers.


Whoever smelt zinc dealt zinc


Just got a whiff of burritos daaan 'ammersmith Broadway


refined malachite


I’m an ebony man myself.


With all the windows open, I can smell the delicious food offerings of the market stalls from the streets below. Very tempting.

Made any cockups lately?

This is the smelting thread, jizz. You might be happier in here:


No, you’re the smelt


i’m all tooled up in the latest daedric fashion


I mix it up, switching between Daedric and Dragonbone. No smelting required for the latter though, so probably best not to mention it any further in Balonz’s thread here.