What can you taste right.............NOW?

Until now, that’s not something I’ve thought about and i have no intention of thinking about it any time soon, as there are other thoughts currently occupying what’s left of the usable part of my mind. I did briefly consider a thread on the topic, but for now that’s as far as I’ve got on that.

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If you ever change your mind you could ask Beaulieu to lend you their Outspan car for travelling to talks:



were I thinking of it, that would certainly be something I’d prioritise within my thoguhts.

Smoky bacon flavoured maize snacks.

Because I am eating a bag of Frazzles.

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i’m currently eating olives and pombears. i can taste olives and pombears

More details required.

What kind of olives (type, colour etc) and what flavour of Pom-Bear?

I demand the truth!

gemlik black olives, original (i.e.ready salted) pom-bears

was tomato sauce for a bit, now back to coffee (nero)

as if there are other flavours



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Thank you.