What can't you do


Can’t pronounce or hear the different between ‘f’ and ‘th’ sounds
Can’t whistle


Blow up balloons


I can’t stop giving more and more of myself to this community


Oh yeah that’s another for my list.

Fix a puncture on the roadside
Any DIY to a reasonable level


I can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t control my feet


You could try


Don’t remember asking.


Bring myself to read any DiS thread with >100 replies. Getting in on the ground level with this one.




Care about sports


can’t do ironing for shit


I know @PocketMouse has said this before. I just don’t understand how you can’t hear the difference. “Fat” and “That” are different words. How can you not hear that!



Oh fuck yeah, this. It’s both pointless and impossible!


I cannot skip (rope)


I learned, like most things, by watching a tutorial video on YouTube.


Very good joke!

But yeah can’t hear a difference between thread and Fred. And just say the same word for both


Snap my fingers


save money - don’t understand how anyone does it


Try saying “Fred” while gently biting the tip of your tongue. Now you are on your way to saying “thread”.