What can't you find? We'll help.

Something missing? Can’t remember where you put it?

Our crack team of DiSers will help you retrace your steps, make suggestions and work tirelessly with you until you and whatever you’ve lost are reunited. I’ve handpicked them based on their powers of logic, spatial awareness, orienteering skills and eagle eyes.

Sounds too good to be true, you say? Maybe it is.

So, what can we help you find?

Where is my water bottle?

I think it’s in the kitchen.

Shall I go check?

edit: It was in the kitchen

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My left earphone.

No…thats what they’d be expecting.

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May as well. If it’s not there you can probably find another one.

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@sadpunk to thread.

He’s our container/vessel expert.

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@anon75298087 to thread.

Electronics guru. Second to none.

Also a dab hand with cutlery. There’s no spoon she can’t find.

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It was in the kitchen

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Thanks for your input, Jordan. Your enthusiasm is admirable.

It’s always in the last place you look


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All those years at container/vessel school were not a waste!

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@anon75298087 seems to be held up at the moment. Are you available to help Mr Zeal with his missing earbud?

I guess it’s a container for sound, so I can try.

You really need Dingers on this though, she’s the expert.

I lost one of the discs in the Family Guy season 1 DVD box set over a decade ago

It’s got to be in this house somewhere but fucked if I have a semblance of a clue where it could be

Not really that bothered about finding it tbh

Same situation with my Superbad disc – got the box, disc is nowhere to be seen. I like that film but it’s on Netflix ayit

don’t waste the crack team’s time

I had the same problem with the same season around about the same time.

I can only assume that they both spontaneously combusted in protest at Seth MacFarlane’s music career or something.

My joie de vivre

Have you checked your coat pockets?

Sometimes joie de vivre is replaced by crushing ennui.

Have you checked it hasn’t just been replaced?

Our metaphysics agent will resolve this.