What cards have you got?

  • Tesco Clubcard
  • Morrisons More Card
  • Sainsburys Nectar Card
  • Co-op Card
  • Lidl Plus or whatever it’s called
  • Aldi if they do one
  • Asda do they do a card? If so and you have one then select it here
  • Waitrose
  • M&S Sparks
  • Other (SPECIFY!)

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Nothing to see here

Not a supermarket.

  • App on your phone
  • An actual card

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I need to switch my Nectar to my phone, the card I have is proper knackered and almost blank, I dunno how it still works

Clubcard - both, use physical card
Nectar - Card
Morrisons - app
Sparks - card
Co-op - card but lost it

Find the Nectar card scans much easier than my phone barcode but I’ll do the fun little scratchcard thing where you always win on the app pretty much the second I leave the shop.

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Sorry, thought we were just listing cards

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not sure if they do a physical card or it’s app only so may not technically be valid for the purposes of this thread, but asda do a thing called Asda Rewards that I scan in on my phone every time just like a club card or whatever.

bit weird cos you don’t just get points for spending, you have to complete missions and buy star products and whatever and I’m not convinced if it’s any good but I’ll keep scanning that trash regardless.

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Read the tag!

Morrisons one is shit now cause you only get points for buying certain things.

Think we need an unrelated emoji for #supermarketweek to make it more obvious

Costa Coffee Club
Eroski Club

Wanker beer shop stamp card

As we seem to be including non-supermarkets now for some reason, I also have a Pets At Home card.

No, stand firm! This is important!


If asked I’d say it’s cos I don’t want to give them my data, but this is clearly nonsense cos google and Facebook know literally everything about me

might get a sainsbo card and then exclusively use it to buy whiskey that’s discounted

Find it quite quaint when people still care about stuff like that with regards to store cards etc, for the reason you’ve said.

maybe it’s along the lines of “giving them my data helps them profit”

but then I also use the self service tills without questions, which exist to make them more profit…

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Sparks on my phone
Physical clubcard