What cd is gone?!

That’s where I used to get my music. I know it’s awful and etc. but I need a quick and easy site to listen to music. I’m a friend of this site, some of you will remember me…I’ve been away for a few years. I’ll check my account on indietorrents but I’m not overly hopeful, rejoining the real world has been hard. And I need music, obv. help me, thanks.




Meh, it’s a brave new world. I’ll figure it out. Thanks anyway.oR

Been gone ages, mert. Think the age of the torrent is truly over. Tidal hifi for 20/month for me.

SoulSeek is still going strong.

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My cd’s are still here, sounds like a security problem to me pal.


Wow. Never even thought to check. And it still has a large community? Not used it in well over 10 years.

Good to have you back, oR!



Yeah, after years of not using it I was after This Et Al B-Sides the other week and found them no problem.

I was that impressed I paid the $5 to get privileges where you skip the download queues.

paying to use soulseek :cry:

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its only $5 and it goes towards running costs or whatever, you could do the same on torrent sites to improve your ratio too.

That said I often just leave it running in work 24/7 so the queue thing isn’t that much of an issue at any rate.

I used to used it on dial-up, now that was torturous!

I think you’ll find what you’re looking for stuck to the wall behind and above you.

You malfunctioning pal? Or am I missing something?

You’re paying money to avoid paying for music.

#good one

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In fairness I do pay for Spotify, and the This Et Al stuff I wanted is all on cd’s and 7" in storage in my mams garage.

I know a cheeky free download is always controversial, but at the same time there’s been loads of bands who I wouldn’t have heard that ive consequently gone to see live/bought a t shirt etc. if I hadn’t have checked them out for nowt.

Something about home taping is killing music etc etc - its the digital equivalent of going down Tandy and buying a load of 90 minute cassettes in a way.

There’s a This et al b-sides compilation on spotify.

That could be missing some tracks you wanted of course in which case: cheerfully withdrawn.

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I don’t know oceanRain, what cd is gone?

Hey, thanks guys. I have an external hard drive with 43K songs that won’t hook up to my computer…which would be the second time I’ve had musical disaster. Took me a lot of years…anyway, I’m hoping to restore my iTunes playlist, I’ll check Spotify and SoulSeek, and keep fingers crossed. (I like to my music on iTunes, so it’s right right there…but then I’ve never tried Spotify, so maybe it’s all the same…)

I’ll probably be around some more, can’t say for sure, but, again, nice of you guys, thanks. Keep the faith.x

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