What CD is this from?

While cleaning out my wife’s car I found a lot of CD’s (that had been borrowed from me) and they were all in the wrong boxes and then there was this one paper sleeve loose with no CD in it and I have no idea what it belongs to. It’s obviously from one of those paper gatefold editions as opposed to a plastic jewel case and I tried to upload a picture but as a new user I can’t/ Basically, it is plain black but with four symbols (which are also black but kind of glossy) and they look like (from left to right) a W shape on top of a vertical line, an X on its side in between two vertical lines, a five point star on top of a vertical line and a kind of backwards Z. Does anybody have any ideas???

Maybe. But a photo would help.

I know! Do you have any ideas how long I have to wait before I can post pictures?? I’m into the alternative rock kind of thing mainly so I know it’s not going to be something poppy or any variation of dance music. My wife thinks it could be the latest Arcade Fire or the last Arctic Monkeys. Or maybe Conor Oberst’s Ruminations???

Oh sorry, I missed that part of your post.

Does ring a bell but I don’t think I’m going to get there by sheer power of thinking alone. Soz.

Random rules, what a tune though eh?

Yeah, saw the joos live in London May 2008 - it remains the highlight of my life!!!

The first thing I thought of was Liars WIXIW but don’t know what the physical sleeve entails. Front cover doesn’t really cover the letters/symbols you’ve described. Closest I can get so far

Yeah that was the one that popped into my head. And Gangs by and so I watch you from afar.

I have moved you up to a normal user so you can now I think.

Led Zeppelin - Four Symbols?

There you go… It’s not Led Zep or Liars so my money is something that came out in the last year or two. Arcade Fire or Conor Oberst remain likely candidates, or the latest Beirut…

tried reverse googling the image but didnae work.

There’s some penoid runes on there. @ericVI help us out

Here’s his link


of course, it’s Earth Man Serpent Fire by Ed Sheeran


Why is that wrong? Seems to check out

Ok, so it’s Earth, Man, Serpent, Fire. And I still don’t have a clue… Would it be ok to go in HMV and start cutting open all their digipack CD’s until I find it?

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On further investigation this is more likely to come from what’s called a “Mini LP Sleeve” rather than a digipak. A CD kind of sticks into the digipak whereas a CD slides into the jacket (usually inside a pocket) on a Mini LP sleeve. If anybody owns Do The Beast by Afghan Whigs could they please check it? I’m just thinking from the Seprent, Fire thing it seems a logical option. Thanks!


Is that “Yep!” you’ll check it, or “Yep!” that’s what it is?

Confirmed it was in the other thread I linked to