What CD is this from?

Wait, is this definitely the right answer? Where can I find this other thread??

dunno why that didnt link to the thread, but its in the afghan whigs thread anyway

Ok, can I just thanks to everyone who helped me identify this and, to the person who I sold this CD to on ebay a couple of years ago, I’m really really sorry. Guess you didn’t get the full package.


At least he/she didn’t end up with something by Ed Sheeran.

You possibly got a blue circle notification on your avatar pic top right when I did it, but posting a link to your post in the other thread puts a link back to it beneath that post:

Sorry folks I was drunk. That is indeed the little sleeve thingy for the compact disc version of Do To The Beast by rock combo Afghan Whigs


What’s amazing is that the ascii shrug is actually 1800 years old.



Worse. They ended up with something by Afghan Whigs.


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Oh, behave