What celebs have you heard are nice or mean

Sir Ian Mckellen - bants merchant


I’ve heard Dave Grohl is nicer than any other man in rock

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my dad used to deliver stuff to Alan Titchmarsh’s gaff, and he said he was really nice. always offered him tea and cake etc when he was unloading.


steve lamacq is an arsehole.

Reckon Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is nice but that’s just a hunch.

Apparently Dizzee Rascal is a bit of a bellend

We call toilet paper in our house “Dave” because of “Dave bogrohl”. He’s so nice I bet he’d even like the idea of us wiping our arses with him


He is but he’s also Colchester’s most famous fan so I’ll need to let him off

Surprised at the Phil Jupitus being a twat talk. Know a few people who have met him and said he was bang on.


CJ DeMooi. Awful. He was out for a run and a there was a wedding or funeral at a church he was passing and he actively ran towards a couple and ran into them knocking one to the floor. Apparently

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Brix Smith - really nice.

Met him at Glasgow airport when I was 4 or something, apparently. He had a broken leg.

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Ernő Rubin - inventor of the Rubin’s cube. A violent monster after a few drinks by all accounts


He has form for that kind of thing, allegedly.


Jack White - “like that one boss you had that was an outrageous bully that everyone was weirdly deferential around”

I’ll tell my mum it’s confirmed

someone at work once had to call Stirling Moss, but didn’t know who he was so just thought it was some random old guy. we asked them afterwards and they said he was very nice and helpful.


Jaap stam - lovely
Steve backshall (wildlife guy) - lovely
Mickey from eastenders (cant remember his actual name) - lovely
Jo whiley - only ok


people involved in football that my dad has taken in his taxi or talked to on the job and liked:

nigel adkins
ian holloway
francis cagigao
mick mccarthy (didn’t meet him, but watched him drunkenly inspect a bed of flowers outside a pub for about 10 minutes)

twats -

harry redknapp
jamie redknapp
ryan giggs


Misread that as coke and changed my perception of Mr Titchmarsh completely

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I’ve met him and thought he were a nice bloke

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