What Christmas Films/Series Have You Been Watching?

Got Deck the Halls on RIGHT NOW and with the amount of Christmas films that are out there (all great), thought we could have its own thread for people to say which ones they’ve been watching. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Netflix own, a classic, a Hallmark type one, let us know what you’ve seen and what you think of them!

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Saw Princess Switch 2 last night. A series of Prince(ss) and the Pauper themed films. Was as soppy and sugary as the first one. Didn’t mind it.

Quite enjoying those utterly irredeemable cookie cutter hallmark Christmas films that’re all exactly the same with slight changes.
Professional single/unhappy woman is rescued by or rescues a man who lost his wife in a tragic boating accident at the time of Christmas. Assorted children, old people and stereotypes pad out the town.

The acting is sub-The Room, the music is turgid, it’s saccharine beyond belief. Love em.


Big fan of sticking Channel 5 on and catching one of these. They seem to have their own universe of actors who appear exclusively in them too.


They’re all not quiiiiite attractive or talented enough to be actors, they’re sort of like if your local argos had to put on a production.


Hope Netflix do a Christmas series this year. Enjoyed Dash and Lily and Merry Happy Whatever quite a lot

Probably very few fans here of it from what I read but Love, Hard was the first, new and best Christmas film I’ve seen so far.

A Boy Called Christmas despite being a Sky Original film seems like it ticks the boxes it sets out to do. Some good reviews for that. Anyone seen that yet?

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5’s Christmas film today is about a reporter ex-couple who go to a Christmas loving town to film Christmas news bits and rediscover the Christmas spirits for themselves. It’s actually worse somehow than the premise suggests.

Also they look like this


First ever watch of Last Christmas today. Really excited. Still don’t know if he is or is not a ghost.

I saw a really nice one about an ice skater who was teaching the widowed king’s daughter which was genuinely cute :relaxed:

Sadness in his eyes

Looks like John Cena’s meth addicted Russian uncle


Mimi and the Mountain Dragon - mainly speechless like the snowman but looking like a John Lewis ad, this was pretty good and held the kids attention for almost the whole run time

Jingle All The Way - celebrating the worst commercialism of Christmas, Arnie is as stiff as ever but it somehow doesn’t work as well as his other comedy roles. Jake Lloyd and Sinbad are intensely dislikeable but Phil Hartmann manages to salvage something.

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Loved Deck the Halls

‘According to Gillian Vigman, the main actors were unhappy on set. Kristin Chenoweth was still coping with her split from Aaron Sorkin, Danny DeVito flew in to film his scenes rather than interact with anyone, and Matthew Broderick could be found on set shaking his head in disbelief, repeatedly stating “I’ve hit rock bottom.” Kristin Davis told her that she should have her eggs frozen.’


Just watched a boy named Christmas. Thought it was fine, a little bit heavy handed in places. Wife and kids really enjoyed it, I very much doubt it’ll exist by next Christmas though

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I’ve heard 8-bit Christmas or whatever it is, is The Christmas Film this year. I’ll show it to my 5 year old and see what they think.

Oh man, just looked it up;

‘In 1980s Chicago, a 10-year-old embarks on a quest to get the latest and greatest video game system for Christmas.’

So they just changed it from an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle to a video game system. Hm.

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