What Christmas Food have you got left over?

We’ve got half a tub of Quality Street and a bag of nuts in their shells.

None, obviously


4 pack of mince pies and a massive triple chocolate panettone both with a March date.

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Got some Turkish Delight still kicking about on accounts of how I also received some more of the exact same stuff after Christmas but it was ordered for Christmas so still counts as Christmas food

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how do you have such restraint?


Maybe there were 178 tubs of QS to begin with?

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  • full tub of Heroes
  • a few Roses
  • quite a bit of additional chocolate
  • a few slices of Christmas cake
  • a home-made Christmas pudding.

(loads, basically)

ADDITIONAL - also some nuts in their shells

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We had two in the first place. I think my wife combined the remainder so she could get rid of one of the tubs. It’s all the sickly strawberry ones left!

Bag of lebkuchen
Marzipan log
Half a pack of winter whirls
Some tablet
Chocolate coins

Then some chocolate I got as gifts (tin of Reece’s, some Ritter Sport)

Got some of the fancy beers left as well.

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1 box of after eights
half a bottle of rum

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Have an Xmas box of Japanese sweets not opened yet.
Will be a nice treat.

Always end up buying a bunch of Christmas food after Christmas when they sell it off dirt cheap, as a result have half a selection box of Lindt we’re still working through

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Some Christmas Cake (roughly the size of a double cassette box like Now 4)
Third of a bottle of Kraken rum (roughly enough liquid to wash your face/shave if it was in the sink)
Some of the orange Quality Street (1 portion)

And about 6 bottles of Shloer

Just polished off a freezer chocolate cake today (it was rank)

That’s it, I think.

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About an entire cows worth of cheese


wish I was the kind of person who could leave chocolate and nice food in the house untouched.


jar chutney x 2
bag pork scratching x 1

spies. loads of em.

Never had any in the first place

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