What classic British dessert did I give my kids

Only for them to completely reject it?

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Angel delight

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Soggy semolina?


Got it in one!
Unbelievable. Kids today maaaaaannnn



My kids would gladly murder me for Vienetta

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The “traditional” strawberry flavour or another one?

I only believe in butterscotch. The other ones are actually quite horrible……but not butterscotch!!


Have thought several times this year about blancmange

Has become a perverted sort of craving now in all honesty

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I don’t think I’ve ever had blancmange.

think I was the deviant child who liked it in primary school until I was too self conscious to continue admitting as much

And then turned into the adult who really liked concrete and benches.

The signs were all there at the start.


Used to love angel delight. What actually is it? Probably repurposed blood plasma or something.

The tears of defeated unpatriotic traitors, sugar and cornflour.



Love this, especially in some sort of 70s good housekeeping style mould from hell

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That’s the only one i wouldn’t eat. For years i thought i didn’t like butterscotch but it was just the angel delight one i didn’t like. Really made my mouth rebel


Or maybe more


Absolutely me too, not entirely sure why. Every Sunday we’d have a blancmange and a jelly after dinner, both in the same moulds every week. Been hankering one for a while now.

Could really go a blancmange. Where would one obtain such a thing in 2022?

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