What clubs do you belong to?


As a spinoff from Ant’s masons thread, what clubs are all o y’all a part of hmm?

This can include
sporting teams (not gym membership).
Book clubs or similar
Members’ clubs
Alumni thingies


No sadpunks club


no sadpunkS. so one sadpunk is allowed?


Yeah but not that one. He knows why.


Hmm, I don’t think I’m in any clubs but I do have paid membership for a number of things that probably don’t count as clubs.




I’m in an exclusive club for people who like lot of chocolate on their biscuits




Don’t think I am

I have a timeshare week in wales - and they try and tell me im in the “Member’s club” or something, but I’m not really

I used to be in the Dennis the Menace Fan club - not sure if that’s a life membership or not


But other than that, none. I did “joke” about getting t-shirts made for the local Netrunner lads to wear for storming the Norwich (hated arch-rivals) store championship, but nobody was into it.


The Best Fucking Club of All Time:


Nobody photoshop that to say “MINGE”, please, we’re better than that.


please elucidate


Or Penis


I honestly didn’t even see that. I’m losing my touch.


my daughter is a Wattsapp group for people doing A level maths at her college.

I keep trying to tell her to get the name of the group changed to the Mathsketeers but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for some reason


*touching your penis


keep going


The Tufty Club



The 6th Google Image for “Penge Cycle Club” is me. Yay.