What Colour are Your Towels?



Ours are dark green.

Thanks for reading.


Mine is black, hers is grey.


Thanks for asking 29. We’ve got navy blue, black, teal, light blue, pink and royal blue.


different colours in different bathrooms


Wait, there’s also a white one I may have borrowed from a hotel.



Mine are white and blue striped. I have a massive one for home, and a smaller one for the gym.

My hand towel is bright red, as is my bathmat. There’s a teal towel in the kitchen, along with a tea towel that isn’t teal. A non-teal tea towel.

Got a bunch of shit spare ones in various blues and that.


Red bath sheets from John Lewis, so fluffy
Few patterned ones from somewhere I can’t remember that are going holey now…
Beige or turquoise hand towels
Star wars, sponge bob or Spiderman kids ones.


White, obviously.


We don’t have matching towels. I mainly use a green one, and my other half uses two that are different shades of pink / red. There’s two handtowels - one’s turquoise and the other is brown, and there’s some other towels in the cupboard which are white.

Should probably get some new towels at some point, because none of them are looking good any more, and I’m fairly sure that we haven’t bought any new ones in all the time we’ve been together.


They used to be white


White ones absorb more water don’t they, so white.


Fuchsia pink, to contrast with the duck egg blue bathroom


Dark blue

they are rubbish and old - when my new bathroom is done I’m going to get new ones, Need to start thinking colours


Obnoxiously patterned


I like to use a beach towel it’s grey red yellow green blue pink with frilly bits on the edges. Had it since I was a toddler.


One red, one black, one beige, one pink. The last two are low quality. I haven’t used the pink one yet.


Kind of dark grey (as pictured)

Thanks for the interest



different colours for different… needs